Your secret characteristic

We all have weakness. It does not necessarily mean the common bad things people do. If you examine yourself carefully you will find some of these bad traits. Be sincere and check your self-life for…

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Your secret characteristic

We all have weakness. It does not necessarily mean the common bad things people do. If you examine yourself carefully you will find some of these bad traits. Be sincere and check your self-life for this weakness. If you are supersensitive, you may have also observed any of these traits from others.

  1. Secret pride and feeling in view of your position or success or appearance?
  2. You secretly want to be praised, noticed, need for attention in a conversation?
  3. Retaliate when disapproved or contradicted and feel like throwing a heated remark on another?
  4. You love commanding others; you don’t want to be thought?
  5. Secret envy and unpleasant feeling of success of another?
  6. Secretly hiding your mistakes, failures, exaggeration and false humility?
  7. You love money, love thing that come easily and you don’t want to lose anything, secret selfishness?
  8. Shrinking from doing something to others. Fear that someone may take your position or sway prominent person away from you?

Perhaps someone is too imaginative to think of this, but then some point in time someone own any one of this trait. The most crucial thing in getting to understand the logics behind human feelings and actions is to help us to live, relate well, forgive when they offend and try to change others for the better as much as possible.


  A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. I made my first move on a fateful day of September 2012.I would rather called it a journey of faith. By this I mean having confidence that I would make it to the end. What I thought to be a particular part of life to remember turn out to be the most challenging one. Those of us who have been through university can attest that campus life is not as expected. In the mid of my course I found a rule; to keep going and keep going not looking back, of course I had to do it. My first move was couple up with self realization not really sure whether taking Actuarial was good for me, though I may not have figured out well, it turn out to be the course I was passionate on pursuing; rigorous mathematics! You might be tempted to call back to high school Math records and say huh! What a simple course! It is not what you think. I thank GOD for his mercy and guidance, for looking out to me when I least deserve it, for enabling me to accomplish my last basic step of my academic life. I am happy to be part of those graduating on 16th this month. I may have forgotten to mention the crucial role taken by my friends, family more especially my dad and in that regard I am having a celebration on 18th just to say thank you.

To those who are still in school, I am not intending to damage your expectation and especially those looking to join university or take Actuarial; you may name others but this one I know. I would share a few tips I catered while navigating through this journey. Good things only come to those who wait; take heart. Do your part and leave the rest to God; He helps those who help themselves. Now look at me, if I did it, mean anyone can do it. Those who like misinterpreting obvious things I do not mean I am the least in every race. I just want to spark your hope; be careful less you find yourself in the wrong turn. Have a positive mind set; there is a tendency, to feel lonely, neglected on the way, to think that people who are close to you are selfish when they fail to support you. I can now reflect on and I have realized that sometimes life can be demanding. As I stepped out of the school the first day, I decided not to live with this pain. Even you, if you live with it, you will never move on; you will never get out of school. Your turn to lift someone at long last would arrive. You should assist others the same way you wanted to happen to you.

Eventually, we are going to make it; no matter societal perception or how difficult it may seem. What I like most is that, whenever you look back you would feel proud of yourself; very accomplished. We should always be grateful to the team who pushed us up. You will never walk alone, we always need people the same way a crying child need its mother; People who strongly believe in our abilities. They are amazing people and would be worse if we don’t recognize them. Thank you all!


The opportunities we find in life will always come disguised as hard impossible situations. We can find many reasons to say that we cannot overcome them. But the skill lies in confronting them and like the ant, go over it, under it, around it or through it to reach the other side. The basic challenge is the same for all human beings. Some pick up the gauntlet; others meekly surrender and perish

The truth is that we have a mission on this planet and if our attitudes and beliefs are right and we have the will and determination to reach the target, it will surely happen today, tomorrow or sometime in the future. But if we give up in the middle and wait for a miracle to happen, we have absolutely no chance of making our lives a successful story.

There are many types of people in this world. Some struggle and achieve; some discharge their duties and responsibilities without expecting or reaping any results and others live and serve, contributing, but never expecting recognition, honour or any rewards. The choice is entirely ours to which category we should belong.To improve the quality of life, raise your level of thoughts and you will reach the roof if not the sky. A fighting spirit gives us strength to do it and not be afraid of a tough battle ahead. Faith, patience, reliability, integrity, honesty and sincerity should enable us to reach a place in life from where we can have a commanding view of life’s panorama. From that height everything will appear at the same level.Our beliefs w ill make us unique and irreplaceable.

Watch your manner of speech if you wish to develop a peaceful state of mind.Start each day by affirming peaceful,contented and happy attitudes and your days will tend to be pleasant and successful..